Prove My Love

What do I need to do to prove my love?
Fight a hundred men?
Sky dive?
Have open heart surgery just so you can see you’re in there..?
I love you.
And I have no problem showing you over and over again.
You’re a priority.
I put you above them.
I give you the utmost private thoughts of me.
Things I share with no one else. Shall I climb the highest tree?
Swim with sharks?
You never leave my mind, ever. You’re always there I have to mentally fight to do homework.
To focus on anything.
I’m sure my friends are tired of me talking about you.. lol
Or all my free time being spent with you.
But I’m not.
Because I’m in love..
And this is all I want to do.
Spend time and show you just how much I love you.
Swim in a volcano?
Fight a lion?
Ride a bull?
I will, to prove my love to you.
Because I do.
I do love you.

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